The most affordable way to share your family history

Using Canva to build family history pages is easy and free once you have the templates. Just drag, drop, edit, and repeat to build beautiful genealogy books one page at a time.

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  • Choose your template

    Browse through the Canva templates to find the one that looks like the page you're hoping to build and open that template in Canva by clicking the link.

  • Drag, Drop, and Edit

    Use Canva's simple editing tools to make the page your own. When finished, just save the page and use it to build your family history book.

What do you get?

Each bundle comes with...

  • a set of Canva templates you can reuse as many times as you'd like
  • an instructional video to help you understand exactly how to use Canva
  • a cheat sheet with suggestions for how to organize your family history book
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