About Carly

Hello, friend. I'm Carly Lane Morgan. 

I love family history but when I first started out, I did not love all of the organization systems that were out there. I tried everything from file folders to digital trees and ended up making my own worksheet-based system. Eventually, that inspiration grew into a full business and Family Tree Notebooks was born. 

I love FTN madly but it's not for everyone. Some people struggle with using PDF editors to build their pages, so I started to noodle on how I could make it even easier for people who hate the tech side of making genealogy books. Enter Canva. Canva is a design website for non-designers (like me and you!) so they do all the heavy lifting and we get to just play and make things pretty. 

My hope is that you use these templates to get all of that family history you've collected out of boxes and off of your computer so that the people in your life can enjoy the stories (whether they're genealogists or not). There so much potential for fun here - go wild!